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While Domestic Violence is a criminal offense, when a family and children are involved it may also have ramifications within Family Law. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one party to gain or maintain control over another. Domestic violence occurs regardless of the gender, religion, age, race, sexual orientation, or education of the parties involved. Previously referred to as “wife” or “spousal” abuse; domestic abuse now recognizes that victims include children, unmarried partners, cohabitants, and other family members in addition to spouses.

Domestic abuse takes many forms including abuse that is physical, sexual, emotional, economic, and psychological. Abuse includes threats, stalking, cyberstalking, and  includes both directly harmful acts and manipulative or controlling acts such as preventing a person from seeing a doctor, forcing them to use drugs or alcohol, preventing them from accessing their financial assets, or keeping them from attending work or school. Please call (850) 434-8000 or email us if you feel that you are a victim of Domestic Violence.