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Pensacola Alimony Attorney

In Pensacola and the surrounding areas,  Alimony Lawyers Pensacola at Bruce Childers Lsw
represent both men and women in marriage dissolution actions that involve alimony, which is also referred to as spousal support.

Florida Alimony Law

Alimony means spousal support. The partner that earns a higher income pays for the livelihood support of the partner that has little or no income after the divorce.

The family court judge may decide to grant one of the spouses a compensatory allowance when an income disparity is observed so that they can maintain their standard of living.

It is part of the many costs associated with separation. The alimony calculation is assessed based on the income of the non-custodial parent and the child’s needs, age, and state of health. The analysis depends on the type of childcare in place.

The enforcement of alimony can be done in a court or out of court. In both cases, the intervention of a family law lawyer is necessary. In this case, you can count on the firm Brice Childers Law for personalized representation.

Pensacola Alimony Attorney You Can Trust

Bruce Childers Law will advise and assist you in your amicable or contentious procedure in matters of child support or compensatory allowance for your spouse.

We will carry out a careful analysis of the income and expenses of our client and the precise needs of the children. We also advise you on the payment amount and represent your interests before the family court judge.

Can I sue for alimony?

After a divorce, spousal maintenance is an important issue. This can often lead to disputes – for example, because of a refusal to pay. The law stipulates who is entitled to maintenance and who is liable to maintenance. Anyone who is entitled to maintenance can sue for this in the event of a dispute. There is also the option of claiming maintenance without litigation through mediation and negotiation.

Can I Contest Alimony?

The liable parent may be obliged to pay an amount to no longer pay due to dismissal or reduced income. Through negotiations or court proceedings, we can get the alimony removed or terminated.

Alimony can be reduced or terminated if the custody arrangements have been changed. For example, if you or your ex-spouse gets sole custody of your child, one or the other is thus required to take charge of their needs directly. In this case, the custodial parent can request the payment of child support to the other.

The payment can also be suspended if the liable parent’s resources no longer allow the payment to be covered. This is the case if they have lost their job and no longer receives income. In this case, the payment is temporarily suspended while they find a new job.

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Bruce Childers Family Law Attorney at 3 West Garden Street, Pensacola, Fl. will advocate for your rights in and out of court. Whether you need to get or enforce an alimony contract, amend it or terminate, we will be glad to assist you.

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